OIROM Association notes the acceleration of the market research market

Summing up the results of 2021, the OIROM Association stated that in ruble terms, the industry grew by 7.7% (calculations of top managers of the largest research companies working in the Russian market). The Market Research industry has doubled in nine years.


An all-Russian survey conducted in 2021 during the Russian Research Week (RIN) project made it possible to estimate the total market size at 22.9 billion rubles. The volume and dynamics of the importance of search marketing are reflected in the diagrams.

VKontakte retained the status of the most popular communication platform-2021

At the end of 2021. the social network VKontakte in Russia retained its leading position in the field of communications. In annual comparison, the leading indicators of user engagement have grown: the average daily number of views on your feeds – + 11%, the number of monthly published stories – + 45%, the number of daily video views – + 44%, etc.


VKontakte continues to be the most popular communication platform in Russia. The number of active communities on the social network for the year increased by 26%, the number of messages per day – by 15%, the number of audio and video calls per month – by 27%. There are 13 thousand active mini-applications on the VK Mini Apps platform. The number of their users has grown 12 times over the year.

The best advertisement of the year-2021 according to Sostav.ru

According to tradition, experts and readers of the Sostav portal have determined the best advertisement of the year. Traditionally, the struggle for the championship was in seven nominations: “Videos,” “Digital,” “Campaigns,” “Social Advertising,” “BTL,” “Print / Outdoor,” “Branding.” The two-stage voting lasted for about a month.

In choosing the best advertising products, 2,339 expert votes and 53,355 user votes were taken into account. The competition results are summed up and presented in a single publication containing all the winners at the end of 2021- creators, brands, and the projects themselves, which became the best advertising in 2021. Baidu SEO to the Chinese market.

SEO Results 2021 with Search engines

Traditionally, at the beginning of the new year on the portal, I recall the events that had the most significant impact on the domestic search engine optimization market in the past year. We have carried out SEO for various types of companies throughout Israel,


The article contains a fascinating2 study of search engine ranking algorithms and an analysis of cutting down the search functionality of Google and Yandex as a general stable tendency to “simplify” search interfaces and search functionality, changes in search engine ranking algorithms, and much more.